BIPV Lightweight Solutions

Solar Carport Solar Carport
Solar Carport

Solar Patio Solar Patio
Solar Patio

Solar Balcony Solar Balcony
Solar Balcony

Solar Sunshade Solar Sunshade
Solar Sunshade

Solar Louvre System Solar Louvre System
Solar Louvre System

Solar Tile Solar Tile
Solar Tile

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Welcome to UMAX Energy, proudly an Australian-owned and grown business at the forefront of the PV building material market. Our mission is to establish a safe and smart ecosystem for clean energy, catering specifically to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

As the BIPV exclusive distributor and strategic technical partner with GoodWe in Oceania, we are committed to providing our clients with integrated solutions that harness the power of renewable energy through innovative PV building materials and their applications. At UMAX Energy, we specialize in BIPV technology, enabling us to craft beautiful and functional solar solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in achieving your sustainability goals with personalized service and cutting-edge designs.

We have our own expertises in renewable field with over 60 years of experiences in technical support and customer service. We are always ready to assist and backup for you.

Why Choose Us

Relible Prouducts Relible Prouducts
Reliable Products

Good price / quality ratio, engineered for quality, performance, and longevity, value for your money.

In-House Expertise In-House Expertise
In-House Expertise

Unlock the power of renewable energy with our in-house expertise and cutting-edge technology, which results in cost savings and long-term benefits.

Turnkey Solutions Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions

Experience hassle-free renewable energy with our turnkey solutions, designed to provide you with peace of mind.

Local Experience Local Experience
Local Experience

Our local experience and broad service experience across a range of industries in Australia allow us to deliver tailored solutions for your energy needs.

GoodWe BIPV Products

Suncake Series

Suncake Series

  • BMW-K1/054A | 200W BMW-K1/08A | 400W Plug & Play DIY Solar
Starlux Series

Starlux Series

  • BMT-L2/080A | 275W PV Building Material
Sunshine Series

Sunshine Series

  • BMT-S2/024A | 84W Solar Tile
Polaris Series

Polaris Series

  • BMT-P2/144A | 505W – 550W Solar Carport with Built-in Structure Solar Shed with Built-in Water Drainage
Galaxy Series

Galaxy Series

  • BMT-G4/088A | 335W BMT-G3/088A | 315W Ultra-lightweight Solar Panel